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Chapter 1 — Born to do great things

Let’s unpack the meaning of life so that the meaning of life is tangible and inspiring. I am not a complicated person so this chapter isn’t a complicated one. The meaning of life should be discoverable without hours of therapy or meditation. My hope is that this chapter proves this hypothesis for you.

Chapter 2 — Best Day

The big idea here is that a life well-lived is made up of a lot of really good days. Actually, to be honest, my goal is to make sure you can confidently give up using the word ‘busy’ permanently. You aren’t busy. You are living. And if you are living your best life, you are committed to having a lot of best days.

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Chapter 3 — Taking Care

This chapter is dedicated to caring for our earthly vessels...yes, our mind, our body and our soul. My hope is that you read this chapter and discover some great tips for caring for you that aren’t daunting or expensive. Yes. You are a work of art. But caring for you can be simple with a little discipline and creativity.

Chapter 4 — Friends, Fellowship & Food

I love f-words and these are three of my favorites. I believe investing in these three f-bombs is the secret sauce to a life full of rich and memorable adventures. My hope is that this chapter lights a fire inside of you to invest in friendships.

Chapter 5 — Sacred Spaces

Yes, sacred is a fancy word, but there was no other word that describes spaces that are extraordinarily special. I want you to leave this chapter empowered to find spaces that make your days better. Maybe even more manageable. And perhaps even joyful.

Chapter 6 — Finding Purpose and Enough

Seeking the right amount of purpose in our lives is the difference between people who complain about their lives and people who love their lives. This chapter explores the idea that finding the right amount of purpose in our

lives is worth the extra effort.

Chapter 7 — Spending Time Outdoors

Believe it or not, if you spend enough time outside, you become outdoorsy. I am a big fan of Mother Earth. I believe she is a healer and honestly, her price tag is a rad one. Spending time with her is free therapy. And if you don’t like free, something might be wrong with you.

Chapter 8 — Managing ^#%^#% Money

I tried to make the basics of money management easy to consume. And I added some maple syrup and honey to make it potentially even enjoyable. The art of managing #%@$@# money can be the difference between your dreams coming true or not.

Chapter 9 — People are awesome

The goal of this chapter is to celebrate the power of people and stories. I hope this book has lit a fire inside of your own life story and the stories you are capable of creating. In this chapter, I provide some tips on tapping into the people and stories that are surrounding you. Additionally, I talk about loving people with simple gestures like acknowledgment, intention, and kindness — you know the free stuff.

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