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Stacy is 45 years old. Stacy is a mother to Charles, Stella and Cooper and wife of Chris. These people are lucky people. They have Stacy, a force of nature, in their lives. As a daughter, sister and friend, she gives her people her time, her heart and a lot of mother-trucking manic energy. She is an emotional, physical, spiritual, and artful powerhouse. Stacy has an oddly wonderful magnetic pull. She can create change in people and in situations with a centrifugal force that I am certain she was born with and continues to hone with every hour of every week. Stacy is an instigator. She instigates love, commitment and friendship. Stacy is a life-lover extraordinaire and has an infectious cackle. She currently works in a fancy corporate job, but is bound for the world of counseling & helping soon. She is the founder of Blue Raddish and just published her first book, 100 Rad Virtues, Practical Virtues for Rad Living. When Stacy walks in the room, the energy level changes. The world becomes a little better.

                                                                 ...written by Jane

Jane is 65 years old. Jane is known for her incredibly bold and generous spirit. She is a proud mother of two grown children, Jacob and Hannah, and a wife to one lucky man, Stu. She is her best and happiest self with grandchildren, Martha and Theodore. Jane is considered an oddly courageous friend to thousands of people. These are very lucky people. Jane was a teacher and school counselor for 38 years. Her continued guidance to droves of people make her a beloved go-to friend. Jane and her daughter are co-conspirators of a badass gift boutique in downtown Olathe, Kansas called Junque Drawer Boutique & Studio. It is a destination for retail and laughter therapy. In her free time, Jane creates mixed media art, hosts art retreats and therapy/art workshops in her Junque 101 center. Her home is like a museum dedicated to rad living. When you walk into her multiple studios, your veins fill up with love and courage and your lips immediately form the shape of a smile. Knowing Jane is like knowing a human compass. She has this innate ability to help people find their True North. But it doesn’t stop there. She gives you the courage to start walking in that direction and she never asks you how fast you are walking. Yes, the bestest friend.

                                                                                            ...written by Stacy

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Creative direction and book design for Atlas for Good Living was provided by Lori, an independent graphic designer who loves helping authors make their self-publishing dreams a reality. Other titles she has designed include 100 Rad Virtues, On Earth As It Is and Growing Up in the OP: Tales of a Midwestern Baby Boomer. Lori is a devoted wife, mom of two teenage boys (and two dogs), daughter, sister and friend. She is a lover of people and positivity. Check out her work at

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