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This book is an adventure, just like you…

We believe that an ellipsis (...) defines a storied life. It can indicate an unfinished thought or a pause. And we believe that humans need more of both. Every page of this book is designed for editing and your imagination. Draw on it, write in it, tear out and share these pages. 


Like all good adventures, sometimes a map is needed. Our hope is that you will get through this book and have a beautifully designed map of your life...with some glorious rest stops earmarked. 


This book is full of prose, rants, activities, drawings and proverbs that have been written and designed to lighten your load for more intentional, good living. 


Intention requires us to pause — yet most of us feel like we are too busy to pause. Our not-so secret goal of this book is to convince you to remove the word “busy” from your vocabulary. You aren’t busy, you are LIVING.

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